Culote 7Mesh WK2 Women Bib Short


140,00 €

Minimalista y fantástico, el culote MK2 cuenta con tirantes súper suaves y nuestro diseño Clean Finish Construction para el máximo confort.

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It’s said that patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. But when it comes to a bib short that truly meets the needs of women riders, the wait has been long enough.
Our mission to reinvent women’s bib shorts started four years ago. And while we’re not a patient crew, we took the time we needed to get it right. Because we weren’t content to make a good bib, or even a great bib – we wanted to bring something totally new to the table. The WK2 Bib Short does that, doubling down on advancement by combining exceptional fit and performance with the pit stop convenience of a strapless short.
First off, fit and materials. The WK2 is patterned specifically for the Miti Performer fabric and top-of-the-line Elastic Interface Road Performance Max chamois. The refined construction and improved silhouette mean you’ll move easier and more comfortably, our Clean Finish Construction eliminates chafe points and hot spots, and laser-cut hems and bonded grippers keep the legs secure and supported without over-compression.
And then, function. We set out to solve the long-standing challenge of enabling easy nature breaks for women. Time to level the playing field! And what has finally emerged from a design area piled high with prototypes and field notes is our patented Pull2P technology.
Pull2P is a revolutionary new configuration that allows women to take nature breaks with no added effort and no compromise to the performance of the short. Careful design and materials selection makes pee breaks easy and quick – just pull and go! Soft-stretch bib straps are attached to the outside edge at the rear, rather than centre back, providing critical length and clearance. Together with a soft and supportive yoga-style waistband, these straps eliminate the need to unzip, unsnap, unclip, unfasten – just Pull2P!
Form, fit, and function – finally the elegant solution women have long deserved.

· Miti Performer - 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex Knit
· Elastic Interface Performance Max Chamois
· 100% Polyester Knit Mesh

· 177g

· Pull2P configuration for no-fuss rest stops
· Patterned waist band
· Raw edge leg hem
· 100% mesh chamois hammock lining
· 30mm soft elastic bib straps
· Reflective logo

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